About Us

About Batter Blaster

Batter Blaster is the only fresh, ready-to-cook pancake & waffle batter in a pressurized can. Batter Blaster briefly revolutionized breakfast for thousands of people short on time and cooking skills.

In 2022, We decided to build Batter Blaster into a blog that provides information about foods, cooking, and kitchen equipment and shares cooking tips for readers.

Inside the Batter Blaster, our editors, engineers, scientists, and product analysts work hard to serve our readers as a go-to resource for almost everything in their lives, highlighting trusted expert advice and the best-tested products you can buy.

Remove the search from your investigation. Determining the correct product is difficult and time-consuming. Plus, let’s be honest, you’ve got more important things to do.  So let our team handle the heavy lifting for you. We test hundreds of goods in various categories, from home devices to toys to camping equipment and everything in between. BatterBlaster’s staff study and compare the most common brands and models before narrowing it down to the right products, providing the most thorough and dependable buying advice.

Our Method

We can devote hours and hours of research to every product we evaluate because we have an army of testers, specialists, and a strong editorial team. We can confidently limit the items worth considering and reviewing using user input and professional help. We then use all of that information and data to give you a clear, plain, and concentrated overview of the best items, including all of the details you need to make an informed selection.


In BatterBlaster, we conduct our own research. We test products unbiasedly as part of our dedication to determining the genuine quality of each product so that we can present you with total transparency. We only publish evaluations of things that match our high criteria and are worth your attention, whether we buy them ourselves or get them from a company.

User Feedback

We are also interested in what users like you think about items. We consider the opinions of previous and present consumers who can speak to a product’s or service’s quality and advantages. This input assists us in determining if a product is long-term dependable.

Who we are and what we do

We’re not just in the business of giving comprehensive product evaluations, but we’re also regular people like you. We’re parents, home cooks,  aspiring artists, techies, support workers, pet owners, and DIYers. We like monitoring trends, researching deep into goods that people use on a daily basis, and sharing what we discover to help you improve your life – all while having fun.