How to Lock Mini Fridge?

A mini-fridge is a godsend for people living in dorms and small apartments. However, not everything is perfect about this compact cooling appliance.

The biggest problem with the mini-fridge is that it doesn’t come with a locking mechanism. Most of the old models of mini fridges don’t have any lock on them as there is no space to install an interior lock.

You will hardly find any mini fridge with inbuilt locks. As they are compact, there is no space for locks. This makes the fridge vulnerable.

When you are staying in dorms, you need to protect the food at all costs. There is nothing more dangerous than a hungry college kid. If you don’t lock your fridge, your friends can easily raid it.

Food theft has become a part of college life. Each and every student who owns a mini-fridge needs to take extra measures to protect the food. Because of this reason, many kids look for ways to lock their mini-fridge.

If there is no lock on your mini-fridge, we can help you. We will show you how to lock your mini-fridge without an inbuilt locking mechanism.

Mini Fridge Lock Options:

When it comes to fridge locks, there are many hacks you can use. There are many different types of locks you can use. We will show you all the different alternatives.

In-built Lock:

The best thing to go by is in-built locks. If you really want to protect your food, you need to buy a mini-fridge with an in-built locking mechanism. It will save you the hassle of installing an external lock. If you already have a mini-fridge, you cannot install the in-built lock inside it. It will damage your fridge.

Metal Top Door Lock:

This is another lock alternative. If there is no lock on your mini-fridge, you can build and install a metal top door lock. You have to install this lock on the top of your mini-fridge. It will be attached to the top end of the door so that nobody can open it. In this type of lock, you need to drill holes in your fridge. You can either buy this type of lock online or get it made. If you want to be specific to your need, you need to get a custom-made lock. First, you need to get the size of the lock.

After that, you need to cut the lock from a thick sheet of metal using the laser. Then you need to 3D print the other part of the lock. Once it is done, you need to drill holes on top of the mini-fridge and install it. This type of lock is not feasible as it might damage your mini-fridge. It can be expensive as well.

Latch Based Lock:

This is another external lock for the mini-fridge. However, this lock is only meant for kids. As anybody can easily open the latch, it is not good for the dorm room mini-fridge. It is only good for preventing children from opening the fridge. You can get this lock online and install it easily. There is no need to drill holes in your mini-fridge.

Padlock Based Lock:

This is the ideal type of lock to keep your mini-fridge locked. If you want an external lock that is cheap as well as easy to install this lock is perfect for you. This lock comes in two parts. You can easily install it on your own. It is available in online stores as well as local hardware stores. You can match the lock color with your fridge to make it look good.

How to Lock Mini Fridge Using Padlock-Based Lock?

If you are planning to install a lock in your mini-fridge, we can help you. We will show you how to install a padlock-based lock in your mini-fridge to keep it locked. You can use a key to lock and unlock it with ease. Follow these steps to install the lock.

Step 1: Buy Lock

First, you need to buy a lock. You can visit any local hardware shop or buy this lock online from e-retailers. Make sure it matches the color of your mini-fridge.

Step 2: Mark the Spot on Your Mini Fridge

After you get the lock, you need to mark the space on your mini-fridge. Keep the lock on the fridge and use a marker to mark the location. Make sure the lock is in the middle of the mini-fridge.

Step 3: Clean the Surface

After you mark the spot, you need to clean the surface of the mini-fridge where you have to place the lock. You can use a wet cloth to remove the stains. After that, you need to clean it with a dry cloth. You will find alcohol wipes in the lock package. Clean the surface with the wipes as well.

Step 5: Install Lock Panel

Now, you need to install one side of the lock panel on the mini-fridge door. Most of the panels already have adhesive stickers. You need to remove the sticker and stick the panel to the fridge door. Hold it for 30 seconds so that it sticks perfectly. If there is no adhesive, you need to apply it on the back of the lock panel and stick it on the fridge door.

Step 6: Install Side Lock Panel

Now, you need to install the side lock panel. Before you install it, you need to position it correctly on the side of the fridge. Attach it with the lock to make sure the lock slides in perfectly. Once the position is perfect, turn the side lock slightly to remove the adhesive strip and stick it to the side of the fridge. Hold it firmly for 30 seconds so that it sticks strongly.

Step 7: Lock the Mini Fridge

Now, you can use the key given in the lock to lock the mini-fridge door. You need to insert the key in the side lock panel and move it so that the metal goes into the front lock panel and locks itself. To open the lock, you need to insert the key into the side lock panel and move it in the opposite direction to open it.

These are the steps you need to follow to lock a mini-fridge. If your fridge doesn’t have a lock, you can buy one padlock-based lock and install it in your mini-fridge. There is no need to drill holes or invest in a new fridge to protect your food.

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